4 Treatment Options for Spinal Restoration

With an increasing number of people suffering from back pain, it’s no surprise that advancements have been made in spinal treatment surgery. Nowadays, several treatment options can help with spinal restoration. Here, we’ll discuss four of them so that you can find out more about the options that are available if you suffer from chronic back pain.

1) Spinal Fusion Therapy

Spinal fusion is a type of surgery that involves at least two vertebrae becoming joined together. They are done so using bone grafts and synthetic materials, enabling the vertebrae to fuse into one single bone. Movement is removed in between the vertebrae, which is especially helpful when this movement is the source of pain. It can also help prevent the onset of scoliosis, a deformity occurring to the spine.

2) Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

When performing artificial disc replacement, the patient is required to undergo anesthesia. The patient will therefore have no recollection of the surgery since they will be asleep while it takes place. The vertebrae are separated, allowing the surgeon space to perform the surgery. This also enables the surgery to take place safely and without further damage being done to the area. The cord, muscles, and nerves will therefore remain intact. The damaged or degenerated disc is then removed, and replacing it with a new one.

3) 4D Health

4D health involves considering the patient as a whole, and not just focusing on their spine. Body, fat, bone, and muscle mass are all checked out when taking into account the total weight of the patient. Exercise, nutritional habits, lifestyle, and goals are amongst the factors that are assessed when considering the condition of the spine. This helps the doctor determine the right treatment that’s required and the advice that needs to be given when it comes to the patient’s lifestyle. The goal here is to improve not just spinal health, but all-around quality of life.

4) Multiple Level Disc Replacement

Multiple level disc replacement involves artificial disc replacement where it needs to take place in between two and four places of the spine. Every spinal disc constitutes a single spinal area. Unfortunately, degenerative disc disease tends to affect several areas of the spine. Therefore, this type of treatment might even be necessary in more cases than artificial disc replacement surgery.

Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery

All four of these options are offered by Dr. Lanman of Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery. You can get in touch at spine.md for more inf0rmation about the services provided.