How to Find An Investment Advisory Firm

An investment advisory firm is a financial company that gives financial advice to its clients. They help clients with purchases such as vehicles and properties, investment options, and other financial decisions. They offer financial advice that benefits their clients best while earning a commission or a fee.

Aside from those, an investment advisory firm also advises on retirement, estate planning, and insurance planning. Businesses also come to these firms for advice on developing excellent financial strategies, growing capital, or even where to take out a loan. As long as there’s big money involved, investment advisory firms are there for their clients.

The Process of Finding The Best Investment Advisory Firm

1. Before anything else, a legitimate investment advisory firm must be registered under SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

2. Choose an investment advisory firm that is highly recommended by businesses and individuals. This means that the firm has given advice that its client has already benefited from.

3. Check the firm’s credentials. They must have ample background and experience and have received no disciplinary actions. They also must be certified by the CFP Board. (Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.)

4. Canvas for prices. Choose a firm you can afford, one that helps you make more money instead of losing it. Having an ultra high net worth investing doesn’t mean you can spend so much on an investment advisory firm that will only make you lose money. Also, check their compensation methods. There are three ways a firm can earn:

A. Annual/quarterly/hourly/flat fee

B. Commissions

C. A combination of the two

Your choice depends on your budget and your timeline for paying for services rendered by the firm.

5. Check what services you need. Investment advisory firms have specializations such as retirement planning, divorce financial analysis, ultra high net worth investing, certified exit planning for businesses planning to sell, estate planning, and so forth.


Whether you’re an individual with an ultra high net worth investing in a business or a company that’s about to sell, investment advisory firms are a good way of having some financial structure.

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