How To Keep a Healthy Spine

If you want to have an enjoyable life then keeping your back healthy should be one of your main priorities. While there’s no such thing as harmless pain, there’s no denying that back pain is simply more problematic than its counterparts.

No matter what are you doing you are going to cause pressure on your back to some degree, and this means that back pain can become a permanent pain if not handled properly. That’s why today we’ll focus on how to prevent this pain from appearing in the first place.

Does hunching cause back pain?

We’ve all heard someone, usually a teacher, that hunching over is bad for your back. But how real is this and why would it work like that?

Ultimately hunching does cause back problems, and it all comes down to the added force it requires. Regardless of our pose, our muscles will need to employ some force to keep us upright, and on top of that gravity will also be at play. When we are hunched the force on our back is higher than on most other poses. Our muscles have to make a bigger effort, our discs have to get more compressed and gravity is affecting us more. So if you hunch over regularly this will harm your back.

What’s the best pose for your back?

While certain poses like hunching or working on your bed can cause back pain, this doesn’t mean that there’s a “perfect” posture either. Sitting upright is great because the pressure is more evenly distributed on your back, but if you stay the entire day sitting it will still affect your back.

Most experts agree that the “best” position is simply your next position. What this means is that moving and letting your spine change poses is the best way to prevent any real damage. So taking breaks, stretching, and not losing track of time while working is better for your back than trying to hit a perfect sitting pose.

What to do if symptoms persist?

Back pain can be triggered by a lot of factors, and while our position can help reduce the impact to a degree this doesn’t mean that it’ll always work. If your pain is already recurrent and it doesn’t seem to tone itself down you’ll need to go to a specialist. For those of you in Beverly Hills, we recommend you visit Doctors Lanman and Cuellar have a great track record when it comes to the field, and they’ve helped countless patients recover their ease of mind and lead a life without pain.