Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

For many people, the idea of wisdom teeth brings them questions. These teeth which typically show up in adolescence or early adulthood can lead to a variety of problems. They may grow due to early human’s need for extra teeth. However, wisdom teeth today can lead to a variety of health problems and often need to be removed. What exactly are the signs that yours may need to be taken out? There are a few common signs to watch.

Impacted Teeth

In some cases, the wisdom teeth will become impacted and not enough space in order to emerge from the gums and develop normally. Your dentist should do a thorough evaluation. However, some of the common symptoms include gums that are swollen or tender, jaw pain, and even difficulty opening your mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth may not always show symptoms though so it’s best to have a dentist take a look at your Xrays periodically to determine if you have any wisdom teeth growing.

Incorrect Growth

Depending on the size of your mouth, wisdom teeth may be able to grow in and not cause any problems. These teeth often end up coming in crooked or sideways though, causing problems with your bite. If you notice that your gums are irritated or notice that the teeth are growing in outside of the normal tooth line, this can all be a sign that they’re not growing in correctly. This is common when your mouth doesn’t have room for any extra teeth and the wisdom teeth have to grow in without adequate space.

Sinus Problems

Wisdom teeth can surprisingly lead to a variety of sinus problems. These can occur when the teeth grow in on the upper jaw. When the teeth grow and begin to develop roots, they can push against the sinuses, which puts pressure on them. Even though this is less common, you may be experiencing sinus pain, congestion, and headaches as a result.

Regardless of what symptoms you have around your wisdom teeth, it’s typically best to have any concerns addressed promptly. As you age, especially between the ages of 17-21, make sure that you get annual X-rays through your dentist. Want to learn more? Check out to learn more about dental health. Wisdom teeth often end up needing to be removed so it’s best to address any concerns sooner rather than later. Talk to a dentist today about these or any other symptoms.