SMS Marketing to Make the Most Out of Your Company

SMS Marketing involves sending text messages or SMS, either as campaigns or transactional messages, to achieve a marketing goal. SMS is primarily used to communicate offers, updates, and urgent alerts to those who have previously chosen to receive such messages from a company.

It’s no secret that building consumer relationships requires time and effort. Don’t wait for your new and old consumers to come to you if you want to communicate with them. You must take the initiative and contact them.

Why is SMS marketing effective?

  • The ubiquity of smartphones. It is an excellent way to reach consumers directly. By including a link in the text, you can drive visits to your online store.
  • High open rates. SMS open rates are higher compared to email. 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of receipt.
  • You can complete the strategy with email marketing. You can use SMS to communicate more urgent information and email for longer content.
  • Ideal for emerging markets. Say your company is trying to operate in countries where data is expensive and Wi-Fi is not all that common. Then, SMS is a much better channel for communicating information.

Who can benefit from the use of SMS marketing?

  • Ecommerce businesses: whether to send promotional campaigns or order/shipping confirmations, SMS is a great tool for e-commerce.
  • Service organizations that demand appointments: send SMS reminders to your customers to ensure they never miss another appointment. This will save you a lot of time and money from missed appointments and no-shows.
  • Large organizations with more than 100 employees: internal communication is a must in every company, but it is hard to communicate with all employees in a large one.
  • Using bulk SMS for internal communication is the best way to ensure every employee gets the information at the right time.

In reality, this strategy is suitable for any company that needs or wants to communicate with its customers with a clear objective in mind, whether to sell, promote, or warn about something. There are platforms such as that specialize in this type of marketing. They provide software and solutions to ease the process.

Texting Base

Texting base is an enterprise two-way texting platform for businesses that believe that talking to people is more effective than one-way communication. It uses dedicated local numbers instead of shortcodes to provide a personal touch.

It is suitable for any organization with many contacts and limited time. It is a platform designed for companies or individuals willing to maintain personal contact and monetize their database more efficiently.

It offers full automation (birthdays/holidays/appointments), photos/videos, autoresponders, unlimited keywords, and geo-targeted drip campaigns – everything from regular phone numbers to unlimited personalization options.

One of their top advantages is that they offer a free trial, so you don’t pay until you know the service fits your exact needs!