Surprising Reasons to Choose Text Message Marketing

Come to think of it, only the people you need in life have your cell phone number. While on social media, you can chat and find anyone quickly. Text messaging has become more private and secure. When you receive a text message, you’ll know it’s either from a family or the network texting you, so you’ll read it immediately. That’s the main reason why Text Message Marketing is working out well.

Do you have an idea about SMS marketing, SMS Survey or text messaging? Do you have a business you’d like to promote? If you answer both questions is yes, then you might want to take advantage of that. So, here are some surprising reasons why you should choose messaging marketing.

Customer Engagement

Let’s say that you own a little restaurant, and you have massive customers. Won’t you like them to come back? Because why not? Many restaurants take advantage of their customers’ numbers that they voluntarily wrote. After they finish eating, you can ask for a food review from them through message marketing. From simply sending “How much did you like our food today? You can send us your review at (link provided)” That simple way can make customers get engaged and come back to eat again.


Aside from asking for feedback and reviews. Text Message Marketing can also do SMS surveys. It is the act of creating data regarding a subject that can give you the audience’s opinions and suggestions. So, you can also ask your customers what kind of menu they’d like every Saturday or what type of appetizer they would like next time. With that, you can get both engagement and data needed in your marketing plan. The benefit of SMS Survey is the vast suggestions, data collection and opinion you can gain from your customers.

Promotional Announcements

Yes, with text message marketing, you can make promotional Announcements to attract customers. Promotional Announcements include having discounts on your product, running a promotional contest, and exclusive deals. Promotional Announcements are helpful in a way that is both beneficial for your business and your customer. When they participate, both you and them have that advantage – one to exchange, one to earn. Therefore, SMS marketing is indeed a good key in business.

Another advantage of Text Message Marketing Is that since it is SMS, your marketing has become more reliable for customers. They won’t see it as a scam or bluff but something that can be of use for them in the future.