What To Consider Before Deciding For Cremation Services

In comparison to in-ground burial, cremation is seen as somewhat unconventional, veering away from the traditional way of honoring the passing of our loved ones. Even though it is gaining popularity in the US and all around the globe, cremation is still not the common norm for memorial services.

In order to help decide whether a cremation service is right for you and your family, here are some of the things that you should consider before deciding to go for it:

1) What is the preference of the deceased when he/she was still living?

If you are able to know the preference of your loved one who passed, it is best to do what he/she wanted. If he/she told you that he/she preferred in-ground burial, then go for it. But if he/she expressed the desire to be cremated, then go for a cremation service.

2) What are the feelings, ideas, and reactions of your family about cremation services?

It is an important and emotional time for the family whenever a loved one passes. It would be best to know how your family feels and thinks about cremation before deciding to go for it so that everyone will be involved in the decision and the journey.

3) Do you know mortuaries in your area that offer cremation services?

Get to know the mortuaries in your town or city and research which ones offer cremation services. Mark B Shaw Mortuary is a mortuary in San Bernardino that serves all faiths and offers various funeral services including cremation. If you are looking for a mortuary San Bernardino, this funeral home is one of the best service providers in the area.

4) Are you familiar and congenial to the process of cremation?

The process of cremation utilizes heat to work on the body. This is unlike in in-ground burial which involves the process of decomposition. If you are comfortable with the process of cremation, then it would also be an important factor in your decision-making process.

5) Do you know the costs? Do you have the means to cover the costs?

Today, in-ground burial costs are very high. In comparison to in-ground burial, cremation can be more affordable. However, you should also consider all the costs related to the type of funeral ceremony, bundles, and other fees. But generally, cremation services are less expensive than traditional in-ground burial.

6) Is cremation accepted in your religion?

Some religions do not accept and allow cremation as a way to honor the passing of a loved one. But some religions do. You have to know if your religion allows cremation services and if so, you can go for it knowing that your faith supports the process.